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Make every service call more productive!

DrySafer Dryer Lint Alarm can increase profit to your business with minimal investment of time on each service call! Here’s how:

Increases profit per service call: DrySafer Dryer Lint Alarm installs in minutes, giving you an additional valuable service to offer your clients with minimal increase (and potentially a decrease due to our efficient  design) in service time.
Increase service calls from your existing customer base: every time DrySafer Dryer Lint Alarm goes off, your customers will call you to address the problem of either overheating or a clogged vent (which they would otherwise be completely unaware of until a major problem occurred).
• Increase customer referrals: By increasing your customer’s confidence in their home's safety for such   an affordable price, you will get referrals from their friends and family. Quality and affordable workmanship is always rewarded.
• Increase consumer confidence and save time: Drysafer Dryer Lint Alarm’s combined technology saves you and your customers' time, money and future unnecessary problems.
• Provide an affordable solution for dryer problems: DrySafer is the affordable solution to increase your   customers' peace of mind in their home's safety and fire prevention planning.
Eliminate common vent hose problems: Eliminate twisted, crushed and kinked vent hoses in tight spaces and sharp turns with DrySafer Dryer Lint Alarm’s patent pending elbow design.

Want some more tips and tricks to get you on your way? Try these solutions for increased revenue:

• Every time you change a thermo-fuse: add DrySafer to prevent future call backs and increase customer confidence.
Add your company’s advertising label and contact info sticker directly to the DrySafer Alarm for 24/7 in home advertising and a quick reference for when any potential problems occur.
Our product packaging is deigned to sell for you. You don’t need to be a salesman to convince your customer to install DrySafer Dryer Lint Alarm. Show them our “self-selling”product packaging and refer       them to our website while you work.
Add DrySafer Dryer Lint Alarm as an additional tool to your existing marketing program.

Our experience in appliance repair has shown a potential 40% - 60% increase in revenue when selling and installing DrySafer. Call us to learn more on how adding DrySafer Dryer Lint Alarm to every dryer vent cleaning job can increase your profits!

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