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Why should I be concerned about Lint Build up in my Dryer's venting system?                            

Overtime lint starts to accumulate inside of your dryer and the dryer's venting system, once the the airflow becomes restricted the dryer can not breath correctly. This causes the dryer to run longer, work harder and eventually overheat, causing a dryer fire.    

I clean my lint filter every load, should I still be concerned?                                                           

Yes, lint is as small as a snow flake, it bypasses the filter and overtime starts to accumilate on the inside of your dryer, and on your dryers heating element. Once the vent becomes clogged the heating element overheats and ignites the lint that has built up.  

What does DrySafer do?

DrySafer is a clothes dryer lint alarm that detects lint build up inside of your dryers airflow system. If the airflow becomes blocked with lint or any other material, the alarm will sound to alert you. This prevents the dryer from over heating and starting a fire. 

If my dryer ever overheats will DrySafer Alert me?      

Yes, DrySafer has a built in overheat alarm that will sound to alert you if the dryer exhaust temperture ever exceeds 210 degrees .  

Does Drysafer detect a clog inside the lint filter housing of the dryer, which is difficult to get to?
Yes, Drysafer will monitor the entire airflow system of your dryer, starting from the lint filter housing, located inside of the dryer, all the way through to the outside vent hood. Monitoring just the exhaust pipe to the outside is only doing half the job; lint first begins to build up inside the dryer’s lint filter housing, then continues out into the exhaust pipe. Our device will detect a clog in both the lint filter housing and the exhaust pipe/ or a combination of both.

Can anyone install DrySafer?
Yes, It is simple to do and requires not tools. See our installation page.

Does DrySafer need to be plugged into an electrical outlet?
No, It runs on batteries which will last over 3 years.

Where does DrySafer get installed and how much space does DrySafer take up behind my dryer?
DrySafer is to be installed onto the exhaust pipe of your clothes dryer and it takes up approximately 5 inches of space behind the clothes dryer. The alarm portion hangs on the wall close to the dryer.

Does Drysafer fit on all dryers?
Yes, but some installations may require you to move the dryer a few inches to the right or left. Drysafer is a 90 degree elbow shape so it does not line up to house ducts that are positioned directly straight in line with the dryer's exhaust pipe. See our (installation page)

How do I test the alarm to see if it is working?
Simple, just press and release the test/ reset button and the alarm will sound. See our installation page.

At what point will the alarm indicate a clog?
Every situation is different; it depends on the length of the venting system, the material used and the condition of the venting system. Overall, as the lint accumulates inside the venting system it reduces the airflow and creates back pressure. Once the back pressure builds to an unsafe level, the forward airflow is restricted, and our alarm will sound. Our device will alert you before your vent is fully clogged. See our installation page.

Must I have my dryer vent cleaned prior to installation of this product?
It’s not required but it’s recommended. Having your dryer vent inspected and cleaned can only insure greater safety and efficiency of your clothes dryer. Vinyl and plastic venting should be replaced with rigid or flexible aluminum venting to permit proper operation and safety.

How often should I have my dryer vent cleaned?
We suggest that you call a professional every 2 years to inspect and clean your dryer vent for optimal efficiency and safety.

Will DrySafer extinguish or alert me to a fire?

No, this product will only alert you to a hazardous condition in your dryer vents air flow. It is an early warning detection system for a hazardous dryer vent condition. It does not alert you to, or extinguish a fire. It alerts you to a problem with your dryer's air flow before it becomes dangerous enough to start a fire

What is my vent clogged with?
Excess lint from clothes, animals and birds nesting in dryer vents are the most common causes. Broken vent hoods and broken vent pipes can also be a cause. We suggest that you have a professional inspect your system to insure optimal efficiency and safety.

Can DrySafer save me money?
Yes, clothes dryers are one of the most expensive appliances to operate in your home. When your dryer vent is obstructed, it can take 2-3 times as long to dry the same load of clothes. This product alerts you to the dryer vent condition so that you can have it cleaned and restore the efficiency and safety of the dryer.

Does DrySafer work on both electric and gas dryers?
Yes, it works on all clothes dryers and has a universal fit for easy installation

Does DrySafer work on stackable combination washer/ dryer units?
Yes, it has a universal fitting for all dryers

Will DrySafer get clogged with lint?
Unlikely, but like any portion of you dryer exhaust duct, proper maintenance is recommended

Will I void my clothes dryer warranty by installing this product?
No, our product does not affect the operation of the clothes dryer; it only alerts you to a hazardous condition in your dryer vent line.

Can I test Drysafer to see if it is working properly?
Yes, press and release the test button and the alarm will sound 1 beep, indicating all is good. 

Will DrySafer be affected by the clothes dryers’ heat?
No, it is made of  high heat resistant polycarbonate that is UL Rated and is designed exclusively for clothes dryers.

Is there a warranty on DrySafer?
Yes, a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Can DrySafer save me on costly repairs to my clothes dryer?
Yes, most repairs to clothes dryers are caused by excessive heat buildup inside the dryer.

Is there a maximum length for the dryer vent to insure the proper operation of DrySafer Dryer Vent Alarm?
DrySafer has been tested with dryer vents up to 65 feet in length. Always follow your dryer manufacturer’s specifications for any specific requirements. See our ( Installation page)

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