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Safety Tips

  • Periodically test the device by using the test button located on the Alarm.
  • Have your dryer vent cleaned and inspected by a professional every two years.
  • Check your vent hood on the outside of your home for any obstructions or lint buildup.
  • Check your venting system for any kinks, obstructions or objects that may have fallen onto the dryer ducting.
  • Clean your lint filter after every time you dry a load of clothes 
  • Scrub your lint filter once a week with soap and brush.
  • Clear any clothing away from dryer.
  • Never store flammable liquids near your dryer.


I press and hold the test button for 5 seconds and it does not beep
  • Check your batteries
  • Check the connection on the cord
  • Defective Unit
DrySafer beeps 3 times, pauses for 10 seconds, and repeats
  • The vent is clogged
  • The vent is crushed behind the machine
  • The dryer has a clog inside
  • The outside vent hood is clogged
  • The DrySafer flap on the air flow sensor is not moving freely
  • Check for proper installation. 

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